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Shop Your Way, GasBuddy

Shop Your Way Brings Card-Linking and Rewards to the Gas Station with GasBuddy

CardLinx member Shop Your Way is expanding their network and benefits through a strategic partnership with GasBuddy, whose Pay with GasBuddy gasoline payment service entitles hundreds of thousands of its users to a discount on every gallon of gas they pump. With over 200 million drivers in the U.S., spending more than $315 billion on gasoline each year, card-linking programs like Shop Your Way that offer cash back at the pump will see accelerated consumer usage. Consumers who sign up will receive $.30/gallon cash back in points for paid fill-ups for first 60 days after pairing account with Shop Your Way and $.15/gallon cash back in points after.

CardLinx Insight

Driving and shopping are two of America’s favorite past times. The new Shop Your Way and GasBuddy partnership is a great innovation using a mobile app that links consumers to physical merchant locations where they can earn points and discounts. This innovative online-to-offline partnership is an example of how leading retailers, loyalty programs and apps are increasingly using data to match consumers with their favorite merchants and discounts.


Mastercard Partners with SAP to Bring Live Transactions to Cars

At the Mobile World Congress, Mastercard announced their partnership with SAP to participate on their Connected Vehicles Network platform for payment-enabled cars. Over the next six months Mastercard will bring to US consumers the ability to complete real time transactions in-vehicle for parking, gas, and food. In some markets, Mastercard is working with Postmates to bring on demand food ordering and delivery within the vehicle.

CardLinx Insight

As CardLinx has reported in the past, cars are poised to become the next interface for the Internet of Commerce Things. Innovative companies like CardLinx member Mastercard are working in collaboration with other companies to make cars the ultimate connected mobile device. Americans on average spend 48 minutes a day in their cars and this presents the opportunity to create not only more conveniences with payment-enabled cars but also ways for carmakers and consumer-facing companies to create a truly immersive branding experience in the car.


CardLinx Europe Drives Next Gen O2O with Mastercard, Fidel, Meniga and Cardlytic

The CardLinx Europe Forum on March 20th was the largest CardLinx gathering in Europe to date. The topic on how IoCT and AI are expanding the definition of retail resonated with many at the conference and was reinforced by the large number of attending companies working throughout the card-linking and O2O ecosystem. Dev Subrata, Fidel’s CEO and the first Europe-based CardLinx board member discussed using financial data as a catalyst for a new wave of fintech innovation. Mastercard’s Matous Michnevic delivered a stirring presentation on Europe’s implementation of card-linking using data and commerce with the partnerships and networks across the region. Campbell Shaw from Cardlytics provided compelling data for card-linking from their client case studies in European online-to-offline commerce. Meniga’s Jakub Piotrowski showcased the consumer preference and subsequent impact of using financial data to design loyalty programs that drive consumer engagement.

Members can watch all the CardLinx Europe Forum presentations in the CardLinx Best Practices Portal. Our upcoming flagship US forum in San Diego Forum will be held on April 10th. Register now for the CardLinx West Forum in San Diego.