In Startup Roundtable

Introducing the CardLinx Startup Roundtable

Have you ever wanted to know what investors are looking for in a startup?

Or wanted to compare notes with other startups in the online-to-offline industry?

We are excited to announce a new opportunity for CardLinx members: the CardLinx Startup Roundtable. The roundtable provides opportunities for startups and early growth, small cap companies in the association to exchange ideas and connect.

Benefits of participation in the CardLinx Startup Roundatable include:

  • Special networking and learning sessions at CardLinx Forums
  • Regular opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with other startups and early growth, small cap companies including an invitation to a private LinkedIn Group for online conversations.
  • Quarterly webinars with experts on topics like: Different strategies for acquiring venture capital and maintaining growth past the founder stage.

The inaugural meeting will take place on April 9th on the afternoon before the CardLinx West Forum in San Diego, come, meet, and mingle with other leading startups and private companies in the O2O ecosystem.

The guest speaker at Startup Roundtable will be Matthew Trusz, a leading Equity Research Analyst at Gabelli & Co., one of the largest investment managers on Wall Street. A graduate of Wharton, Matthew covers the O2O industry including CardLinx member Groupon.

Email [email protected] to register for the event or join the CardLinx Startup Roundtable.