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A leading ad agency is asking clients to pull Facebook ads to support a boycott against the company. The move is to protest Facebook’s failure to remove certain hate speech and reluctance to correct US Government statements made using the social media platform. Civil rights groups including the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are asking advertisers to pull paid marketing messages from the social network in July. The groups’ call for the advertising boycott comes following George Floyd’s death in police custody and certain government statements that were fact checked by other platforms like Twitter, but not by Facebook.

CardLinx Insight:

The boycott aims to turn a hot-button political issue into a business and revenue issue for Facebook. The boycott against Facebook is gathering steam but appears to be in early stages. The action is the result of what Facebook critics view as favoritism towards racist hate groups and the current US administration. According to CNBC, Facebook CEO “Zuckerberg has had a connection to Trump since the start of his presidency in 2017 through Peter Thiel, a tech investor and Facebook board member. Thiel was a contributor to Trump’s 2016 campaign and is an informal advisor on tech matters to the president.”


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