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Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Founded: 2019
Category: Advanced Technology for Loyalty, Rewards and Offers
Industry: Marketing Technology

How does your company fit into the card-linking or online-to-offline commerce ecosystems?
ContextLink offers a new category of Personalized AI and Data Platforms that allows customizable content to your loyalty program – providing both insight and engagement into a much more highly-complex consumer. We do this through our proprietary platform that micro-segments customer data to find the known and unknown and delivers it through the DSP’s of choice.


Who are you trying to reach?

Organizations that are trying to execute personalized, inference-driven marketing using the massive trail that consumers leave across their brand’s loyalty experiences, rewards and offers.


How will your company approach online-to-offline commerce that is new or different?
ContextLink looks at all aspects of your customer (and their data) and can infer the specific intent of those users leveraging our proprietary technology, which we call Micro-Segmentation. While most companies are just segmenting we take it a layer deeper to discover the nodes and edges that drives personalized surveys, offers, and rewards in their loyalty programs – all at the Point of Sale.


What are some insights or challenges in implementing of your solution? 

Contextlink uncovers aspects of your customer’s journey that you never knew existed. As a result, brands can evaluate the efficiency of their programs in detail and make informed decisions about where to spend each dollar. Some of the challenges of our offering is clients (brands) have a lot of legacy system and don’t have the tools to leverage this advancement. That is why we offer from data ingestion to segmentation distribution. We wanted to make it easy for our clients to say “yes” and see value right away.


What are some new projects for this year?

We are looking to bring in more Consumer Engagement tools so our clients can personalize content when/where their customer are; inside loyalty apps, rebate apps, etc.


How will the online-to-offline commerce industry develop over the next five years? 

We believe that the loyalty online-to-offline commerce, will be going through a revolution. Right now, the economy stands on solid group where prospecting has been easy and customer engagement has taken a back seat. However, with a recession in the front, we believe, the focus will shift to the customer engagement (loyalty/rewards) where the advancements in technology, data aggregation, enrichment, and personalization will take the front seat. That being said, we will see a new way of engaging the offline and online customer commerce and leveraging each piece to hit the customers where/when they are.