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Headquarters: Paris, France
Founded: 2000
Category: Provider of Cashback Offers and Platform
Industry: Incentive Marketing

How does your company fit into the card-linking or online-to-offline commerce ecosystems?
We provide cashback offers in five countries for banks, insurances, airlines, fin-tech, medias, mobile wallets, etc. If the publisher doesn’t have the technology, we provide our platform for the publishing, the tracking and targeting of offers.


Who are you trying to reach?

We negotiate with retailers for on line and in-store cashback offers. We build an international network of publishers by negotiating with Banks, Fintechs, Airlines, etc.


How will your company approach online-to-offline commerce that is new or different?

We propose all the methods of tracking an in-store purchase through monetics data, aggregation of bank accounts, cookies, finger print, flashing of the receipt and we allow all kind of actors to publish offers and participate to the growth of this market.


What are some insights or challenges in implementing of your solution? 

For a publisher that already has the technology to track and publish offers, we provide API to access to our catalog of offers so the integration could be done within two weeks. For a publisher that wants to integrate our platform in white label, the integration needs minimum 3 months.


What are some new projects for this year?
  • Launch new programs in Europe and outside Europe
  • Increase the number of offers of our catalog (online and offline)
  • Increase IA research to provide more targeted offers


How will the online-to-offline commerce industry develop over the next five years? 

We believe it will increase quickly, but we need to set up rules for deduplication and attribution.


Is there anything else you would like CardLinx members to know? 
We provide cross border offers in Europe that could be of interest to tourists from US, China and Japan. For CLO operators around the world, our catalog of offers could complete theirs.


Meet executives from Plebicom at CardLinx East on December 8th.