We’ve launched this blog as a place to discuss the latest technologies and innovations across all the industries the CardLinx Association covers: marketing and advertising, payments, banking, card-linking, loyalty and offers, consumer retail and e-commerce. We will also spotlight new and evolving technologies influencing these industries like biometrics, cloud computing, big data and deep learning applications.

The name of this blog, Internet of Commerce Things (IoCT), has been generating lots of buzz — so what does IoCT really mean? You might have heard about the Internet of Things (aka IoT), technologies that are supposed to change the world by connecting virtually every object to the internet from your doorbell to your refrigerator or car. Just as e-commerce sites propelled the internet into the form we know today, It turns out that the killer app for IoT is actually shopping and commerce. Virtually any device can access the internet and become the payment. The “thing” that makes this all possible is card-linking. It links your existing credit/debit card to any digital account or device connected to the internet allowing you to pay instantly through a tap, shake or even your face.

And so we have the Internet of Commerce Things. Read Silvio’s entire piece here.

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