In AI/Bots

Newest CardLinx member Yahoo! Japan makes moves into the virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality industry with an investment in the Virtual Reality Fund. In exchange for their investment, Yahoo! Japan will receive early insights into the VR/AR industry and investment into early stage VR/AR startups. According to research firm IDC, the VR industry is poised to become a $143.3 billion  market in 2020.

How will people and objects act and behave in a virtual world? This question will be determined by the development of artificial intelligence (AI). We can image the commerce bots of today maturing into visual objects in the VR/AR world and helping consumers make purchasing suggestions based on brand preferences, pricing and available card-linked offers.

Yahoo! Japan’s investment in VR/AR reaffirms the result of the latest CardLinx survey: Artificial intelligence is the next big digital advertising platform. When presented with an array of new technologies including smartwatches, home appliances and cars over half os survey participants identified AI as the next big technology.