In Press Release

The CardLinx Association is excited to announce these new member services for 2019. These features are included in all levels of CardLinx membership. Please contact a CardLinx team member if you have any questions about the new services.

Curated Introduction Services

Curated Personalized Introductions to CardLinx Member Companies.

E-Linx News Flash

In addition to our monthly E-linx Newsletter, receive up-to-the-minute news straight to your inbox.

More Meeting Passes

  • Board Members now receive unlimited forum registrations.
  • Associate Level Members now receive 8 individual forum passes per year.
  • Jr. Contributors now receive 4 individual passes per year.

New Meeting App

Access speaker bios, submit questions for keynote speakers and request meetings with other attendees. Simply log in with the email address you used to register for the conference and start planning your CardLinx Forum agenda. Available for all Apple and Android devices.

Ask CardLinx

Have you searched our extensive Best Practices Database and still can’t find the data you are seeking? Ask CardLinx! Simply request data or market research on our new online inquiry form. Available on January 31, 2019 to Board and Associate Level Members.

Improved Best Practices Database

The updated Best Practices Center will include enhanced search capabilities for videos, presentations and market research. Available January 31, 2019.