In Card-Linking, Loyalty Program

CardLinx member Shop Your Way is expanding their network and benefits through a strategic partnership with GasBuddy, whose Pay with GasBuddy gasoline payment service entitles hundreds of thousands of its users to a discount on every gallon of gas they pump.

With over 200 million drivers in the U.S., spending more than $315 billion on gasoline each year, card-linking programs like Shop Your Way that offer cash back at the pump will see accelerated consumer usage. Consumers who sign up will receive $.30/gallon cash back in points for paid fill-ups for first 60 days after pairing account with Shop Your Way and $.15/gallon cash back in points after.

CardLinx Insight:

Driving and shopping are two of America’s favorite past times. The new Shop Your Way and GasBuddy partnership is a great innovation using a mobile app that links consumers to physical merchant locations where they can earn points and discounts. This innovative online-to-offline partnership is an example of how leading retailers, loyalty programs and apps are increasingly using data to match consumers with their favorite merchants  and discounts.

Pay with GasBuddy is free to join, takes minutes to sign up for and is accepted at hundreds of thousands of stations nationwide. Shop Your Way members looking to save on every gallon of gas can enroll in the free Pay with GasBuddy program by following these simple steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up by connecting a valid checking account to Pay with GasBuddy. No credit application is necessary, and accounts are securely connected in about a minute.
  3. Pair your Shop Your Way account to the Pay with GasBuddy service to ensure that you will receive CASHBACK in points for every paid fill up.
  4. When you receive your card in the mail, activate it by setting up a personal Driver ID in the GasBuddy app. Your card is now ready to use.
  5. Swipe your card at the gas pump as you would any other plastic form of payment and get ready to save!