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The O2O Silver Bullet for Shopping Centers

The prognosis for traditional shopping centers and brick-and-mortar stores continues to be grim with analysts predictions that a third of malls will close in five years. But our recent 2017 Card-Linking & O2O Industry Survey points out that there is a way to bring consumers back to the shopping center: card-linking and card-linked loyalty programs.

When presented with an array of traditional and digital marketing tools, over 50% of survey participants selected card-linking programs to drive foot traffic in shopping centers. Card-linking stands out in the pack with its unique ability to track consumers from a marketing campaign to checkout.

Card-linking is the ultimate tool for driving online-to-offline (O2O) commerce and blends all the latest technologies and consumer preferences that engage shoppers, especially millennials, a demographic coveted by marketers:

  • Social media engagement
  • Integration with existing payment networks and payments infrastructure
  • Mobile first platform
  • Personalized, branding experiences
  • Geo-location capable

For a copy of the full survey, click here.