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Dear Members of the CardLinx Community,

This past week, Minneapolis-St.Paul erupted in protests over the unjustified police killing of George Floyd. People all over the country have now emerged from Covid-19 lockdowns to lift their collective voices against police brutality and to demand an end to racial injustice. Condemnation of centuries of disempowerment and injustice have now exploded into the streets.

Now is the time to speak out against racial injustice and be a part of the solution. At The CardLinx Association, we believe:

1) Diversity is a Strength, Not a Weakness

The CardLinx Association’s board of directors is one of the most diverse of any trade association in payments and digital advertising. Our association is based on a recognition that all people, and all races, have an important and equal role to play in commerce and driving common economic prosperity. Racial injustice cannot have a place in our economic systems and systems of commerce.

2) Collaboration Requires All Types of People

The CardLinx Association’s success demonstrates the power of harnessing the collective power of diverse cultures and backgrounds to drive collaboration. Our members span 17 countries around the world and provide a powerful network. When we all work together, much more is possible than when we are divided. Racial discrimination prevents collaboration and limits the economic potential of our enterprises and our teams.

3) The Rule of Law Is a Foundation of Economic Prosperity

Basic human notions of fairness dictate that no person should be above the law- no police officer, no politician, no company, no individual. The rule of law is what enables our economic systems to operate effectively. Those who violate the law should be held equally accountable.

As an African American of roughly the same age as George Floyd, this latest incident of repeated police brutality hits close to home. As I watched the gruesome video of his murder, I saw – my own face, my son’s face and the faces of my friends- in George’s face as he lay handcuffed on the ground dying.

Let us recommit ourselves to build companies, economies and eco-systems that are free of racial injustice. Let us do it together.



Silvio Tavares
President and CEO
The CardLinx Association



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